Escape rooms in Kozani :: About Us :: In and Out in 60 minutes

Our company is the first that brought the new kind of entertainment, escape rooms, in West Macedonia, starting from Kozani.

With new ideas and different rooms, we will take you to an exciting adventure where you can be the star.

We have created various themed rooms, all with their own character and they are ready to take you to a parallel world with yours. For one hour you get to be someone else. A criminal, a policeman, or a thief. You get to choose your role and spend an hour full of action, fun and suspense. 

In our first building in Kozani we have prepared our first three rooms. You can find the themes under Menu/Rooms



The rules are very simple.

Once you are inside the room you have one hour to escape, by finding clues, solving puzzles and finding the keys needed that will lead to the exit.

You will have to use your imagination, your oberving skills but also your dexterity to reach your final target.

That there has to be good communication and cooperation in the team if you want to escape in time.


Friends, groups, collegues, tourist. Anybody that feels like playing!

Some of the riddles though, might prove a bit tough for young children under 12-14, so it would be better if they were accompanied by an adult.

Every person has different abilities and is good in different things.

Therefore something that maybe difficult for some, could be easy for someone else, and the reverse.

What we can do is to help you along the game with various hints.

Our rooms are designed to accomodate easily up to 5-6 people.

If your group is more than that, then we would suggest to split in two groups and play in different rooms so that you can feel the experience at its best.


Our rooms are beautifully designed by proffesionals to put you in the mood of the game. There is nothing scary or claustophobic, unless otherwise stated.

For the duration of the game, someone is watching and listening to you just in case.

In any case though there is a panic button in the room, that you press it and all the doors open immediately.

Weekdays 16:30 - 22:30

Weekends 11:00 - 23:00

Last reservation is one hour before closing.

You can make a reservation by phone on working hours, or by using our website reservation system 24/7.

The price depends on how many people are in your group.

It starts from 8,3 Euro.

Yes, please contact us with the details of your booking and if we are available we will do you this favor for a small extra charge.

Sure you can, but you have to make sure that there are no reservations for the day or the period you want the venue.

Please contact us as early as possible, so that we can discuss what exactly you need and how we can help you to live your experience at the maximum.

Call us at +30 2461 506070 or email us at

You can send your bio at or come visit us for an interview.

The privileges are:

1. Discount 15% in our games from Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday the 2 first hours of operation for the owner of the card only.

2. Back to back discount for the whole group of friends, Monday to Thursday, if you book and play two escape rooms back to back.

3. Priority in our events, contests and promotions

Loyalty card is the ticket to the most fun escape room club, the "In & Out in 60 minutes" club.

You get it simply by playing one of our escape rooms in Kozani.